Monday, November 5, 2018


Text: Luke 2:8-14

Memory verse: Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me (John 14:1)

Joy begets joy. When joy is shared it multiplies. When you share the good news of the gospel you will end up multiplying your joy. I am yet to see one man whose life is a bundle of joy and decides to keep quiet.

It is wrong to keep quiet on a day of good news. We Christians have tasted of the Lord and have found that He is the Giver of everything, the Healer, the Provider, the Giver of joy and strength, yet we keep quiet. We should not keep quiet. It is our duty to spread the good news. If we do not spread the good news, nobody will do it for us.

We have the greatest God of all. The Almighty is our God. The living God is our God. The One who can do anything is our Saviour. We should talk about these attributes of our God. I do not know why we find it difficult to spread the good news. The good news is something one can spread with excitement. Some of us will rather spread bad news. I would rather spread good news. Those who spread good news of Jesus Christ have the promise of God that He would be with them. In Matthew 28:19-20 we are enjoined to go into all the nations and that He is with us.

When you tell people good news, you bring joy to them. When you find people rejoicing, you too will have joy. You must have noticed that if some people are laughing, very soon, you will be laughing too. Joy is infectious. Those who spread the good news never remain sad because joy always infects them. The reason God did not take you to heaven immediately he saved your soul is so that you can spread the good news. In John 15:16 He said He has chosen us to go and bring forth fruit and that our fruits would remain. All those who are always preaching the good news will discover that the Almighty God will always be on their side. You never can tell what the fellow you are going to witness to will become.

Make it a point of duty to share what God has done for you with at least one neighbor or colleague. Have you experienced the joy of the Lord? Share it with at least one person today. Do not be a dead sea. Let your joy flow into the lives of others.

Prayer points:

  1. O Lord, give me joy which will cause joy in the lives of others.
  2. Pray for ministers who ministers in other nations.
  3. Advance your personal prayer points.

Have a wonderful day. You are blessed.